Lisa Duffy - Child Care Teacher

Lisa Duffy

October 31, 2018

Lisa Duffy is our next feature for the Employee Spotlight. She is someone that many people depend on every day to take care of their most treasured possession, their children. Lisa has been with Casey's for 27 years and has cared for many employees' children, including company Founder Don Lamberti's children and grandchildren.

As one of our Child Care Teachers, Lisa has a great responsibility each day to take care of the infants, who are six weeks to one year old. In Casey's infant room, the teachers follow a curriculum that Lisa says consists of activities that tie into a monthly theme.

Lisa said that over the years her position at Casey's has helped her become more outgoing.

"When I first started at Casey's," said Lisa, "I was a very shy person. Now I'm much more confident in what I'm doing and am so happy to talk about it with anyone!"

Between the wonderful management and the friendliness of our employees, Lisa can't say enough good things about Casey's.

Lisa, thank you for keeping our employees' children safe and happy.

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