An Unexpected Repair

Casey's Employees: Jethro, Susan and Lewis

August 7, 2018

Valerie was a few hours from home when she began having car trouble. It was Sunday, and unfortunately she couldn't find an open mechanic. She decided to set back on the road, hoping to still make it home - or at least find a mechanic along the way.

Around noon, Valerie's car flashed another warning light, and she pulled off the road. Her car died instantly after parking at the Casey's on E Le Claire Road in Eldridge, Iowa.

Casey's to the Rescue

Still over two hours from home, she went inside to charge her phone. Valerie asked an employee, Desiree, if she could use an outlet behind the counter. She then explained her situation and began to research local mechanic shops.

Even though the lunch rush was in full swing, Desiree made sure to keep checking on Valerie, and she told her coworker, Shannon, about Valerie's car trouble.

Immediately, Shannon said, "Hold on, I know somebody that can help."

After a quick phone call, Shannon told Valerie, "My son is coming - he'll fix it!" Sure enough, Shannon's son Justin arrived with a friend, and they were able to get the car running in under an hour.

Thank You, Eldridge Casey's!

Valerie shared her gratitude for this staff and Justin: "It was absolutely wonderful that I landed there, because I don't think this would have happened anywhere else." Valerie even sent flowers to Desiree and Shannon as a thank you. "I hope it brightened their days - they sure brightened mine."

To Desiree, Shannon (photographed above) and Justin - thank you for doing everything you could to get Valerie back on the road. Your kind efforts did not go unnoticed.

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