Delivering More than Pizza

Casey's Employees with Award

April 13, 2018

It was a normal day at Casey's in Leavenworth, Kansas. Amanda was answering the phone and helping with pizza deliveries when she got a call from a customer named Laura.

Laura asked if she could order other kinds of Casey's food for delivery along with her pizza, explaining that she and her husband have experienced recent injuries and health issues, some restricting their mobility. Their condition made getting to the grocery store very difficult for them without help. Hearing this, Amanda gave a list of additional items that Casey's delivers and also offered to pick up some groceries for them. Laura assured her that they would be able to manage until their daughter visited in a few days, but Amanda still felt that was too long for them to wait.

Going Above and Beyond

A while later, Amanda arrived on Laura's doorstep with the pizza she ordered. However, she also had about 10 bags of groceries, filled with items like soup, cereal, juice, eggs and lunch meat. When we called Laura about this story, she explained that she was overwhelmed with shock and gratitude after seeing Amanda at the door with so many full bags. Laura was not only surprised by the thoughtful gesture, but also by how carefully Amanda had picked the groceries out for her and her husband's dietary needs.

When we spoke to Amanda about this day, she modestly mentioned that she needed to do more for this couple than simply deliver their pizza. "I was glad to know I was able to help a little bit. I hoped that someone would do the same thing for my mom or grandma." Amanda also gathered information on local grocery delivery services for this couple, so they will be able to have scheduled food deliveries in the future. "I always try to do a little bit extra, and I try to influence others in my store to do the same. That's what Casey's is about."

Great Work, Amanda!

Amanda has worked at Casey's for 6 years, and 4 of those years have been in management positions. Keep up your great spirit, Amanda. Casey's is lucky to have you.

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