Fast Pizza for Fast Runners

Casey's Employees: Jethro, Susan and Lewis

November 12, 2018

When Kim's food order for her son's cross country team dinner fell through at the last minute, she needed a fast solution. She called the Plattsmouth, Nebraska, Casey's and asked how soon they could make 15 pizzas.

Jethro answered Kim's call just before 4:00 pm, and he let her know that they could have the pizzas ready in 40 minutes. Amazingly, this was only 10 minutes after her planned time to serve the food.

Casey's Teamwork

It was a team effort to get these pizzas done so quickly. One employee, Susan, was at the end of her shift, but she stayed an extra 20 minutes to get all of the dough ready. Employees Lewis and Jethro took over from there, prepping and baking the pizzas as fast as they could.

The last pizza was boxed and ready to go for Kim by 4:40 pm. She was relieved and grateful for this team's quick work.

"I was notified eight minutes prior to my scheduled pick up time by the other company that they couldn't complete my order," Kim said. "Without the willingness of the Casey's employees to make 15 pizzas in 45 minutes, the dinner for my son's cross country team would have been ruined. Casey's saved the day."

Just another Day on the Job

Susan, Jethro and Lewis just saw this as doing their job, not saving the day.

"That's what we're here for, customer service. That's just something that we do every day for our customers," said Jethro.

Susan agreed with Jethro, saying, "We're surprised that this is seen as a special situation; we're just doing our job!"

Thank You!

Thank you to the Casey's team from Plattsmouth, Nebraska, for helping Kim out of a tight spot. Your can-do attitudes and willingness to help is appreciated.

Pictured left to right:
Jethro, Susan and Lewis

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