Casey's Pizza Box Tops are Here for Good

Box Tops

December 21, 2019

Last updated February 24, 2020

We know how much you love pizza and our long-time pizza box tops program that allows you to get a free large pizza for every ten pizzas you've purchased.

And, because we love pizza at Casey's, we made sure our new Casey's Rewards program makes it easier than ever to earn and track your progress toward free pizza.

With the launch of the new Casey's Rewards program, the time-honored tradition of collecting pizza box tops becomes even simpler when they show up right inside your Casey's Rewards account. Never again will you have to worry about box tops getting thrown out with the pizza box, or 'lost' when a family member cleans out the junk drawer. And you won't have to debate with family or friends about who gets to keep the box top - they'll all be safely stored in one place in your Casey's Rewards account.

This change will make it easier, but we also know change isn't always easy. That's why we're giving you some time to adjust. During the transition period - January 1, 2020, through June 30, 2020 - there are a few ways you can keep your pizza rewards rolling in:

  1. Continue to redeem pizza box tops just as you have been. Empty out those shoeboxes full of 'em and throw a pizza party!
  2. Sign up for Casey's Rewards (it's easy!), and starting in January you can visit any of our stores to have a team member at the register load every one of the cardboard box tops you've been saving into your Casey's Rewards account.

Pizza Delivery to Guest

Create Your Account to Get Started

Once you create a Casey's account online, then all your pizza purchases will automatically be tracked, regardless of whether you order over the phone, online, or in the app.

Order the way you want and we'll take care of the rest

Again, it really is that simple. Just set up your account online, and then from there your pizza purchases can be tracked just by providing us with the phone number on your account when you order. When you tell us your phone number - or you've logged in online or with the app - Casey's will load the box tops to your Casey's Rewards account.

To learn more about pizza box tops, please visit our FAQ page.

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