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January 28, 2020

It's that time again – friends and family gathering, laughter and tears, food and fellowship... while it's not an official holiday, it's close. It's time again for the BIG GAME! Living rooms across the nation are about to fill with adults, kids and everyone in between to cheer on their favorite teams. True, some people will choose their "favorite team" on game day, and others just want to hang out with friends or watch the halftime show.

But no matter what, everyone wants to eat. A lot. Aside from Thanksgiving, people eat more during the game than any other day of the year. So, while not everyone agrees on which team should win, or even if the commercials are worth watching, they do tend to agree on one thing – THE FOOD BETTER BE GOOD!

No pressure, right?

Pizza party table with wings, pizza, subs, candy, and more.

We Deliver on your Game Day Pizza Party

Hosting the party? At Casey's, we've got just what you need to make your guests happy.

The best pizza? Check!

A variety of fresh sub sandwiches? Of course.

Chicken wings for the big game? Duh!

We make it easy to stock your party table with fresh Pizza Party Packs for a great deal from your favorite pizza place (that also has wings, breadsticks, and sandwiches). Don't spend hours in the kitchen making party food – we'll use our kitchen to prepare all the custom-made food you need and clean up our own mess while we're at it.

With large gatherings, we know there are many different tastes and needs to please. Casey's Pizza Party Packs offer four choices of pizzas ranging from single topping to a variety of specialty options, or a mix of both at discounted prices. Inviting your friend who doesn't eat meat? With Pizza Party Packs, you can choose four different pizza types, including vegetarian options. Our pizzas, topped with fresh grated mozzarella cheese and your favorite meats and veggies, also come with the choice of flatbread or our handmade original crust. With a Pizza Party Pack order, you can get at least one of each, and all for convenient pizza delivery or carryout.

Surprisingly, not everyone loves pizza. (I know... can you imagine?) So we also offer great deals on large orders of wings, breadsticks, and chicken tenders. Or choose from assorted pinwheel wraps, sub sandwiches, and meat and cheese trays. Plus, almost every store has chips, desserts, soda, candy, snacks and adult beverages... we could go on. The point is, don't stress or spend hours prepping meals and snacks when we can make it easy – and super convenient – for you to feed a party full of people.

Casey's Team Member handing pizzas to guest

We've Bundled Some Deals for any Pizza Party Occasion

Did we mention the cost savings? Make an epic game-day entrance by picking up a Pizza Party Pack with four different specialty pizzas – like Taco, Supreme, or Chicken, Bacon and Ranch pizzas – for just $52. Go ahead and throw in 20 wings for just $12.49, and we'll make you the party VIP.

Need to feed 25 at the office gathering? Provide variety with a Pizza Party Pack and a sandwich Party Tray by calling your local Casey's. With your choice of our classic subs, you'll get 24 assorted sandwiches with additional toppings on the side for just $19.99. Or go for the Pinwheel Tray, with an assortment of Ham and Cheese, Turkey and Cheese, and Italian (pepperoni, salami, and ham) wraps cut into bite size pieces, for only $22.99. The boss is sure to like that deal!

Got a gaggle of 10-year-olds scheduled for a Friday night birthday sleepover? One word – pizza. And lots of it. Get four single topping pizzas for $36. And don't forget to grab some chips, candy, soda, and – of course – donuts or breakfast pizza and chocolate milk for the morning.

If a Party Pack is more than you need, our kitchens are stocked and ready to satisfy. We have burgers, chicken or breaded pork sandwiches, plus fresh salads, sub sandwiches, and wraps of all kinds – all available for what best fits your budget.

family leaving Casey's going to a pizza party with party supplies

One-Stop-Shop to Make a Great Pizza Party

Don't make trips all over town just to bring a great party together. Of course we have the food covered, but we'll also help you with quick supplies. Grab the paper plates, napkins, and ice while you pick up your food, and you're all set. Whether you need great food, party supplies, convenience, or a great deal, Casey's is your one-stop-shop for making a party memorable!

We also make ordering easy through your Casey's online account or on the Casey's mobile app, so get registered and download the app now! While you're at it, sign up for the Casey's Rewards program and get access to great deals and discounts in the store, online, and at the pump!

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