A Supremely Awesome Pizza

Supreme Pizza

April 9, 2020

Do you know what our most popular Specialty Pizza is? If you guessed Taco – surprisingly, you would be wrong. Our Supreme Pizza is the most popular Specialty Pizza flavor every month. But what makes our Supreme so… well supreme with our customers? Maybe it's because it lets you have it all within one pizza? Or maybe it's because Casey's Supreme Pizza is even more delicious than the other pizza chains' Supreme options.

What makes Casey's Supreme Pizza the best?

You may be questioning what sets our Supreme Pizzas apart from the rest. We believe it's our made-from-scratch mentality. Casey's uses delicious, fresh ingredients. We pride ourselves on using 100% mozzarella cheese and the freshest hand-cut veggies in the neighborhood like the mushrooms, green peppers and black olives you would find on our Supreme Pizza. Plus we offer quality cuts of beef, pepperoni, and even offer signature hot and mild sausage with recipes developed by our own culinary team. We also let you choose your crust preference – from our handmade original, thin crust, flatbread, or gluten free – each option is tasty in its own way. While other establishments may offer similar Supreme Pizza – no one else offers exactly the same mouthwatering ingredient combinations as Casey's does and we believe we have found the perfect and tastiest mix.

Customize Your Supreme Pizza

And if Supreme isn't your thing, we have some clever ideas for you to customize this month's special into something you will love just as much. We heard from one guest that his wife's favorite go-to pizza is Supreme, but that he couldn't care less about green peppers, black olives and onions – so he opted to remove those toppings from half of the pizza. Once he did, he ended up with a side of pizza that almost resembled our Meat Galore option (it was just missing the ham and had added mushrooms). His wife was able to have the Supreme Pizza she was craving and he was able to enjoy some pizza that better suited his tastes. It was a win-win for both of them and we love hearing innovative ideas like this!

We don't usually offer half-and-half orders for Specialty Pizzas - but this clever work-around is one we can totally get behind. (And is also a super efficient way to save some money and stretch your dollar on one pizza that could please the whole family). You could also do this with a half Supreme and half Veggie option through adding and subtracting ingredients through ordering on the app or caseys.com. Just make sure to hit the drop-down menu to select what toppings you want on each side of your pizza. What are some other delicious combinations you guys are going to try? Let us know all your great ideas on our Facebook or Twitter page!

Save BIG all month!

In a time when we could all use something tasty to look forward to – we're offering a special deal on the favorite our fans can't get enough of! This month get a Large Supreme Pizza for just $13.99. Choose delivery and we'll prepare your order with careful safety measures and will promptly deliver it to your house with minimal contact so we can bring you the perfect meal to brighten your day.

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