The Best Donut Shop is Your Local Casey's

June 4, 2020

Nowadays there seems to be a “special” day for everything, but National Donut Day is one of our favorites. (It’s on June 5, by the way!) At Casey’s we take our donuts very seriously – we’ve even heard from guests that our donuts are better than anything they can find at the other neighborhood donut shops – which is lucky since there’s probably a Casey’s close to your house. We pride ourselves on making delicious donuts that you can grab and enjoy whenever a craving hits. Because June 5 is National Donut Day, we wanted to highlight the top-five donuts that our guests love!

long john donut with sprinkles and white icing

5. Long John

If you love the soft, fluffy deliciousness of a classic glazed donut but are in the mood for something extra-delicious, then a Long John has your name all over it. Our Long Johns are filled with a smooth, sweet cream and topped with your favorite icing.

Fun Fact: Did you know that “Long John” is a Midwestern term? Other regions call them eclairs, maple bars (depending on which flavor of icing is used), or cream sticks.

chocolate cake donut

4. Chocolate Cake Donut

This next donut is one of our absolute favorites. Our Chocolate Cake Donut satisfies your sweet-tooth without being too sweet. It’s moist, rich, and perfect with a morning coffee.

3. Blueberry Cake Donut

Our Blueberry Cake Donut has become quite a fan-favorite too. This flavor is only offered seasonally and some guests say they wait for it all year. It’s the perfect sweet treat when you want to savor the flavor of blueberries but would rather have it in a cakey donut instead of a crumbly muffin.

glazed donut with sprinkles

2. Glazed Donut

This is a classic for a reason – not a lot of people can pass up a Glazed Donut. A light and fluffy donut coated with a mouthwatering, sugary glaze is the perfect way to ensure your taste buds wake up on the right side of the bed.

donuts with sprinkles

1. Anything with SPRINKLES!

Cake or glazed – no matter the base – sprinkles make everything feel more joyous and gives each treat an extra yummy touch. Rainbow sprinkles add a tiny crunch to every bite and reminds you of the excitement you felt getting donuts as a kid.

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