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March 26, 2021

Juggling your work life and home life responsibilities can sometimes feel like a trick play — especially when lately the two seem to blend together more than ever. Here at Casey’s, we understand how chaotic life can get — and we want to help turn all your workweek hustle and bustle into a winning game plan with this 3-point strategy.

Breakfast with a family

Morning Madness

Is it just us or do mornings always feel rushed, even when you try to prep for them the night before? No matter if you’re running off to get to work or you’re needing to get an early spot in the drop-off line, it feels like there’s just no time to waste in the A.M.

Elevate your game and make your mornings easier than ever with Casey’s. Perk up your morning by picking up one of our fresh and hot coffees or bubbly fountain drinks. You can even grab a half dozen delicious donuts or a breakfast pizza for you and any little teammates in your car. Now that’s a championship-worthy breakfast plan.

cooler full of lunch options at Casey's

Halftime Hustle

Are you working at home right now? If so, you might find that you tend to work right through the breaks you once took for lunch — or if you do take a lunch break, you’re just putting together an assortment of whatever you have on hand to snack on at your desk. That kind of hustle will leave you feeling completely burnt out and unable to make a play.

Break the habit of not taking some time for yourself – take a timeout and reward yourself with a delicious lunch. Take a quick drive to your local Casey’s, rolling down your window to get some fresh air. Stop in and grab one of our delicious subs or salads, or your favorite burger or chicken sandwich. Restock on drinks and snacks that will help you feel recharged and ready to hit nothing but net the rest of your day. We guarantee once you’re back at your desk you’ll feel even more motivated to rise to the top of your game.

pizzas and appetizers

After-Work Buzzer Beater

Have you ever had a sigh of relief when the clock strikes quitting time at work — only to realize that you are far from being able to fully relax yet? You still have to figure out dinner! Don’t foul out, let us handle dinner for you!

Order your favorite pizza for starters, but don’t forget to bring in yummy apps or sides and some desserts or snacks! If you have to commute back home, make your play a slam dunk, and pick up your order curbside. If you’re home, we're more than happy to deliver your delicious goodness to you — and we promise to make it a fast break!

Cleaning up after dinner is just as easy as “preparing” it was! Play hard but rest harder: use the extra down time to catch up on your favorite series or do something you’ve been putting off for yourself, like a nice relaxing bath!

To recap — leave the madness on the court and let Casey’s help you shoot and score big during your workweek!

Overtime: How many basketball puns did you find hiding in the article? Winner gets bragging rights and this emoji trophy 🏆


Leave the madness on the court and let Casey’s help you shoot and score big during your workweek!


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