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January 21, 2021

Everyone hits that point in the day, whether it’s during the week at work or on the weekend tackling your to-do list, when you just seem to hit a roadblock and lose all motivation. You try and try to power through, but no matter how much you attempt to complete the task at hand – you just can’t seem to feel productive again. When an afternoon slump hits, you need a little pick-me-up to help you conquer through – and Casey’s has everything you need to get you back on track to feel accomplished at the end of the day. Especially since we’ve launched our new Casey’s brand of goodies – including soft drinks, teas, bakery items and SO MUCH MORE!

Since you might not be familiar with our products, we thought it would be fun to explore 4 different work personalities and let you know which tasty pick-me-up might be the perfect solution to help you breakout of your midday slump. Curious which of our treats you need to reach for next time you’re on the struggle-bus? Read on to see!

chef making food

The Perfectionist

Someone with this personality has extremely high standards. Their desk is usually immaculate, and their organization on projects is perfection. You can trust that they will check their work (multiple times) and because they have such an intense attention to detail – errors on their end are rare. They are great about honing into their work and are very good at ignoring distracting background noises. Coworkers appreciate them because they’re always the one to redirect the Zoom meeting back to the task at hand when the conversation falls off topic.

A Perfectionist usually finds they need a productivity-booster when they are working on a project and 98% of it is all buttoned-up, but they just can’t seem to get the last 2% of it to their satisfaction.

Their perfect pick-me-up is: Casey’s Lemonade and a Glazed Honey Bun. This delicious combination will clear their cloudy mind and help brilliant thoughts form again.

busy person at work

The Busy Bee

This personality values speed, efficiency and the ability to multitask. At work, they are usually the life of the party and are always making small talk with everyone. They also volunteer to take on many duties – which sometimes makes it feel like they are always jumping from one thing to another. You hardly notice a Busy Bee taking a long lunch break or wasting an ounce of time that could be used elsewhere. They appreciate honest feedback and won’t take critiques too personally because they value improving their performance most.

A Busy Bee can lose motivation if they have too many unanswered questions on something they are wanting to start now – but can’t.

Their perfect pick-me-up is: Casey’s Orange Soda and Cream Cheese Danish. The citrusy carbonation mixed with the soft and fluffy danish reminds Busy Bees to slow down and refocus.

person making notes on white board

The Team Leader

This person brings high energy to every situation. You’ll often hear them saying things like “Does that work for you?” and “Let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with.” They especially excel when working in groups and are highly considerate to everyone on their team. In fact, their coworkers will say they can’t think of a single bad thing to say about them and they are everyone’s favorite person to take a break with.

This personality feels stuck during the work day when they have too much on their plate and everything feels a bit overwhelming.

Their perfect pick-me-up is: Casey’s Raspberry Tea and Cinnamon Mini Donuts. These sweet treats help a Team Leader take a second for themselves and refocus their energy on what's most important.

person working on laptop at night in office

The Solo Worker

This personality keeps to themselves most of the time. They usually opt to work alone rather than in large groups but are the ones that think the most out of the box and are the most dependable. They are always willing to help others when they’ve already completed their tasks ahead of schedule – but they also like rewarding themselves after a hard day's work.

A Solo Worker may hit a wall when they are put in a big group of people without a clear direction on a task – so they may need a little push to help them power through.

Their perfect pick-me-up is: Casey’s Root Beer and Vanilla Sandwich Cookies. This duet of bubbly goodness and crunchy cookie gives a Solo Worker the pep they need to get excited about any project.


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