Your Career Path

A Different Experience

Casey’s provides a far different work experience than other retail businesses. Sure, you’ll learn the basics of running a successful convenience store, but our employees quickly realize that we’re focused on so much more. Casey’s is a team built on relationships, familiar faces, friends, and family.

Our customers feel welcome and comfortable in our stores because our employees strive to create lasting relationships with people in our communities. Many of our employees were raised in Casey’s towns and are raising families in the same communities. Some hold various positions on city council or school boards and others are volunteer firefighters. Casey’s team culture is rooted in a sense of belonging to the community. Our customers depend on us and give us a sense of purpose.

When our employees come to work every day, they know they are a part of something far bigger than just one store. They are part of our Casey’s family that serves and touches the lives of over a half million people each day in communities across the Midwest. They know that what they do is important, and this makes working at Casey’s a rewarding and memorable career.

So, when you make a decision to be a part of our team, you become part of a close-knit unit where customers are friends and coworkers are family. Join our team, and it won’t take long before you’ll see that Casey’s truly is a different work experience.

Advancement Opportunities

Start your career at Casey’s! Hard work and excellent performance can lead to advancement opportunities. Whether you work at a Casey’s store or the Corporate Headquarters located in Ankeny, Iowa, as a Casey’s employee, you will be encouraged to develop the skills you need in order to achieve your career goals.

Casey’s offers a variety of positions throughout the Company’s 14- state market area, both in our stores and at our Corporate Headquarters in Ankeny, Iowa. Below is an illustration of the natural growth progression within Casey's Store Operations. There are many growth opportunities available in departments managed from our Corporate Headquarters, as well.

Regional Manager

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District Manager

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Area Supervisor

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Store Manager

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Assistant Manager and Second Assistant Manager

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Part-time/Full-time store employee

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Training for Success

Working at Casey’s is primarily about people. It's about teams of great employees who, through a sense of collaboration, focus, and a genuine desire to serve, make a positive impact on their community, which drives Casey's success. Training is an essential component to this team-building process. To meet this challenge, our training philosophy at Casey’s is simple: Build and lead teams that are grounded in our company’s values and have a passion to better the daily lives of our customers and their communities.

Building the Team

Casey’s success depends on the performance of every store team and teams throughout all areas of our Company. We grow and maintain our teams by attracting and hiring the right people, through in-store technical training and periodic sustainment training, and through personal relationships.

Casey’s teams throughout all areas of the Company are dynamic -- constantly changing to support the needs of the customer and the community. The learning process does not end after the first week, the first month or even the first year on the job. It is a continual process based on our teamwork model:

  • Straightforward Communication: We believe in being up-front and honest all the time.
  • Trust: We believe in the strength of trust-based relationships that are built through straightforward communication.
  • Collective Responsibility and Accountability: We believe that two are better than one, but only if two act as one.
  • Pride: We believe in our noble purpose to serve others and make the daily lives our customers and communities better.
  • Care: We believe that care for one another is the bond that strengthens a team’s pride.

Leading the Team

At Casey’s, we believe overcoming challenges is easiest with effective leadership. We’re passionate about cultivating our leaders through a values-based leader development program.

The values-based attributes that guide our leaders’ success:

  • Confidence: We want our leaders to project optimism and an enthusiastic attitude.
  • Leading by Example: We want our leaders to set and maintain high standards and demonstrate leadership by personal presence and example.
  • Interpersonal Strength: We want leaders who genuinely care for their employees and customers and treat them with dignity and respect.
  • Mentorship: We want leaders who hire quality employees and retain them through positive developmental relationships focused on growth.
  • Commitment to Excellence: We want leaders who are dedicated to doing their best every day and are passionate about our mission.
  • Integrity: We want leaders who have the courage to take the harder right over the easier wrong.
  • Community: We want leaders who are willing to make a positive difference in their community.
  • Teamwork: We want leaders who can maintain a team-based, positive environment.

This leader development process is about the present and our future. Casey’s provides opportunities for lifelong, successful careers and many of our leaders began working in store operations -- from the Chief Operating Officer to the Vice President of Operations and other leaders across the Company. Growing future leaders from our stores is a vital part of our culture that will continue as we expand across the Midwest.


Q: What are the top attributes of a Casey’s employee?

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Q: What is the best way to apply for a store position?

A: We encourage you to apply online at You can also visit any Casey’s location and pick up an application, complete it, and drop it off at the store of your choice.

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Q: Can I choose the store and location where I want to apply to work?

A: Of course. Feel free to visit any Casey’s location and speak with store management about current opportunities.

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Q: Can I apply for store positions at multiple locations or multiple positions at Casey’s Headquarters?

A: Absolutely. You may apply for any opening for which you are qualified or interested.

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Q: Can I transfer to a different store?

A: You’ll find Casey’s stores in multiple states, so employment opportunities are vast. Whether moving across town or to a new state, it is often possible to work with management to seek transfer opportunities.

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Q: How does the application process work?

A: Applications are reviewed by the hiring manager. If selected, you’ll be contacted for an interview. Our goal is to hire the most qualified applicants, and people who are eager to be part of a successful, customer oriented team.

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Q: What if I don’t have email?

A: An email address is required in order to submit an online application. Some Internet Service Providers will allow you to create a free email account. You may obtain a free email address from one of the following providers: Google Gmail, AOL Mail, MSN Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, Lycos Mail, In addition, your local public library may be equipped to assist you in setting up an email account. You may also obtain a hardcopy application at any Casey's store and/or print one from this website and mail it to any location.

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Q: Will I have to work weekends and holidays?

A: Casey’s stores are open 7 days a week and on holidays; some locations are also open 24-hours. You’ll have an opportunity to discuss scheduling with store management during the application process. Casey’s Corporate Headquarters is closed on weekends and observes the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. However, many of the positions managed from the Corporate Headquarters, such as Distribution Center, dispatch, and driver positions, to name a few, also have shifts covering nights and weekends.

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Q: What is the dress code?

A: All employees are required to maintain a neat, professional appearance. Casey’s store employees are required to wear uniforms. At the Corporate Headquarters, employees dress in business attire.

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Q: How often do I get paid?

A: Both hourly and salaried employees are paid every two weeks. The bi-weekly payroll runs from Sunday to Saturday

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Q: Will I have to work overtime?

A: Occasionally, as business needs necessitate, overtime may be required.

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