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Get safe, reliable, high-quality gasoline and diesel fuel at your local Casey's gas station. We're proud to source all our fuel domestically from major petroleum suppliers and are dedicated to expanding our fuels to include E15, E85, ethanol-free products, biodiesel, and winter diesel. With more available fuel options than ever, it's easy to fuel up on the go at Casey's.

Our commitment to quality fuels

Casey's is committed to providing you with the safest and most reliable gasoline and diesel fuel available. Should you ever experience a problem with our fuel, we'll make things right. If you have any questions or concerns about our fuel or need to file a claim, please contact us.

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Fuels we offer


E-10 gasoline is blended with 10% ethanol and provides significant advantages to consumers. Not only does E-10 burn cleaner, but it is less expensive than gasoline without ethanol.

Unleaded 88

Casey's is proud to offer Unleaded 88, a blend of 15% ethanol and 85% gasoline, at select stores across our 16 states. Also known as E-15, Unleaded 88 is an environmentally friendly fuel approved by the EPA for use in vehicles 2001 and newer.


Also known as flex fuel, E-85 is a mixture of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline that is approved for use in flex-fuel vehicles. Casey's sells E-85 at a number of stores across our 16 states.

Ethanol-free gasoline

We are happy to provide our customers with ethanol-free fuel to use in their cars, motorcycles, boats, and other small engines. Our 87 ethanol-free and 91 ethanol-free options are safe to use in all engine types.

High Octane gasoline

Our 93 Octane gasoline is safe to use in all engine types and is the perfect choice for your high-performance vehicles. This product is the highest octane available on the market today and has been proven to reduce the likelihood of engine knocking.


Biodiesel is a renewable, clean-burning alternative to regular diesel and can be found at all diesel stores in Iowa, Illinois, and Minnesota – as well as various other stores across our footprint. With few to no modifications, biodiesel can be safely used in most diesel engines.

Winterized diesel

Casey's is committed to keeping your diesel engine running 365 days a year. We honor this commitment by treating our diesel from November 1 – March 31 by utilizing Winter Additives for proper winter compatibility for local conditions.

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Enjoy exclusive perks and earn benefits everywhere you shop with a Casey's Visa Signature card. Sign up today and earn 4% on purchases at Casey's and 2% on all other purchases for the first 60 days.1

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Casey's Business Mastercard®

For professional drivers

Save up to 6¢ per gallon on fuel purchases at Casey's when you use the Casey's Business Mastercard.2 Get the security, convenience, and competitive pricing you need to better manage your fleet.

1 Rebates earned during the first two billing cycles after your account is opened will be increased to 4% on purchases at Casey's locations and 2% on all other purchases. See Casey's Visa Reward card Rules and Exclusions.

2 Rebates are cents per gallon based on the number of gallons purchased at Casey's General Store locations per calendar month. Rebates will be reflected on your billing statement in the form of a statement credit. Not valid on aviation, bulk fuel, propane, or natural gas purchases. Rebates are subject to forfeiture if account is not in good standing. Program pricing is subject to change any time beginning 12 months after sign-up.

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