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Casey's General Stores Continues Sustainable Energy Initiatives

March 23, 2017

As an industry leader, Casey's General Stores is always looking to improve and advance their sustainable solutions practices. Beginning summer of 2016, Casey's began a four-year rollout to convert all stores to LED lighting. The project will reduce energy consumption by over 50 percent and is just one of many projects in a push toward more sustainable stores.

"There are over 20 different projects within Casey's new construction program," said Casey's Energy and Sustainability Manager Eric Biederman. "The new building practices are projected to save each store location around $7,500 annually."

In summer of 2016, Casey's received the Alliant Energy Summit Award for Top Comprehensive Commercial Projects for their new construction program.

Among the LED light rollout, Casey's is also improving sustainability in HVAC units, refrigeration systems and various building materials. Biederman said Casey's is also working toward monitoring all of their systems and utilities at the store level, which will help identify potential problems and opportunities.

To stay current on sustainable solution practices and increase visibility with peers and the public, Casey's is a member of the Iowa Sustainable Business Forum. Biederman also serves on the board for the Iowa Association of Energy Efficiency and was appointed to the Energy Efficiency Working Group for the Iowa Energy Plan that the state is currently developing.

Biederman has recently spoken on two panels at utility summits about Casey's successes in energy preservation. He said, "We participate fully where we can in utility energy programs when they are available."

Biederman said Casey's does a lot of great things towards sustainability, but there are a lot of opportunities still out there that Casey's can incorporate in their business practices.

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