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Cheesy Breadsticks

with Any Large Pizza

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Large thin crust supreme with cheesy breadsticks and marinara dipping sauce

Trust us, they are cheesy

Make your next meal the easiest and cheesiest one yet by adding cheesy breadsticks to your order for delivery, or pick-up today!

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Casey's cheesy breadsticks mad with handcrafted dough

Handcrafted dough

Built upon our made-from-scratch dough that's been perfected since we started making pizza in 1985, and then covered with real mozzarella cheese.

Casey's cheesy breadsticks mad with real mozzerella

Real mozzerella

Using real mozzarella makes our cheesy breadsticks stand out from the crowd! The rich, melty flavor of this incredible cheese will blow your mind, we know it.

Casey's cheesy breadsticks mad with garlic sauce

Garlic sauce

Our new made-from-scratch cheesy breadsticks are brushed with a savory garlic sauce to make every bite that much more delicious.

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