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Donation requests

Casey’s provides contributions that support the fundamental needs in our communities: Education, Hunger and Community Servants.

If you are a 501(c)3 that helps make an impact in one of these areas, and are in a Casey’s community, we encourage you to review our Giving Guidelines below and make a request through the Donation Request Form.


Who we support

We support programs that meet our giving focus areas of Education, Hunger, and Community Servants.

Priority consideration will be given to organizations that have not received a donation within Casey’s giving calendar year of May 1 – April 30.

Past support for an organization does not guarantee future support.

We cannot support areas such as:

  • Individuals
  • Political organizations
  • Dues and memberships (example: Chambers of Commerce)
  • For-profit organizations, funded events

Guideline details

Please follow the guidelines below to ensure we can consider your Donation Request.

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Use the online process

Mail, email and telephone requests will not be accepted.

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Payments will only be made to the non-profit organization, not individuals or partner organizations.

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Fourteen day advance request

For events, please ensure you submit the request at least fourteen days before the event and donor recognition or promotion activity.

Request a donation

Start donation request

Thanks for your interest in requesting a donation from Casey’s! Here are some quick tips on our process:

  • The process requires setting up an account with YourCause Grants Connect. Once this is complete, you will be able to start an online application.
  • Make sure you have your government tax identification number handy for this process.
  • When you start the application you will search for your organization in YourCause’s database. You will need to add your organization if it is not in the database.
  • If you have questions during the process, support is available through email or live chat with YourCause.

Frequently asked questions

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