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Donation Requests

Casey’s provides contributions that support the fundamental needs in our communities: Education, Hunger and Community Servants.

If you are a 501c3 that helps make an impact in one of these areas, and are in a Casey’s community, we encourage you to review our Giving Guidelines below and make a request through the Donation Request Form.

Request a Donation

Who We Support

We support programs that meet our giving focus areas of Education, Hunger and Community Servants.

We cannot support areas such as:

  • Individuals
  • Political organizations
  • For-profit organizations, funded events

Guideline Details

Please follow the guidelines below to ensure we can consider your Donation Request.

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Use the Online Process

Mail, email and telephone requests will not be accepted.

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Correct Contact Information

All requests will be responded to with an accept or decline within 40 business days if the contact information and deadline requirements are met.

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Payments will only be made to the non-profit organization, not individuals or partner organizations.

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20 Business Days Required

For events, please ensure you submit the request at least 20 business days before the event and any marketing or promotion activity.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you'd like to request our support for your organization, please complete an application online by clicking "Request a Donation" above.

Please first make sure that you've filled out each required field marked with an asterisk (*), also check to make sure phone numbers are in XXX-XXX-XXXX format, and that your contact information is correct.

By filling out the form completely, we will have a better idea of how to help.

Unfortunately, since we receive a high volume of requests, we are unable to contribute to each eligible cause. If your cause is not selected, please feel free to apply again next year.

All requests submitted online will be responded to as soon as possible. Following up shouldn't be necessary as long you provided accurate contact information in the form.

Please only submit one request and we will determine the donation amount.

Unfortunately, we require a minimum of 20 business days to process these requests, but please keep us in mind for future events.

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