Casey's Rewards FAQ:
Earning Points

Earning Points

A link to the Casey's Rewards terms and conditions can be found here.

Casey's reserves the right to change the terms and conditions, including the Casey's Rewards program, at any time, without notice.

Earn 10 points for every $1 you spend on eligible/qualifying items at in-store, online, or over the phone.

Earn 5 points for every full gallon of fuel purchased

Individual transactions cannot be combined. Amounts spent on sales tax, other taxes, tips, delivery fees, donations, activation fees, service charges and related costs do not earn points, and points are earned on the final amount spent on an individual transaction, excluding these costs, after discounts, coupons, Casey's Cash or other promotions are applied.

Certain items or services on which Casey's Rewards points are not earned, and on which redeemed points cannot be applied. These include: age-restricted products including but not limited to alcohol, tobacco and nicotine products, lottery, lotto and video poker; financial cards/products including but not limited to money orders, gift cards, reloadable/prepaid cards, phone cards, Pay Near Me income; applicable taxes and fees including but not limited to sales tax, bottle deposits, delivery fees and tips/gratuities; postage stamps; donations; shipping services; any purchases made at a franchise or leased location, even if inside a Casey's facility, which may include Subway, A&W and other brands; milk; mobile contracts; newspapers or magazines; car washes; video centers; breakage fees; certain purchases at truck stop locations (including but not limited to showers, laundromat, scales, cash advances, RV dumps and dry cleaning services); or, any other item prohibited by applicable law.

These exclusions are subject to change at Casey's discretion.

In-store, enter your phone number associated with your Casey's account when prompted on the pin pad or scan the Casey's Rewards QR code as it appears in the app.

Log into your Casey's account when purchasing online or in the app.

At the pump, enter your phone number associated with your Casey's account when prompted.

Over the phone, provide your phone number associated with your Casey's account.

Points should be credited to your account promptly after a qualifying purchase is complete. However, in certain circumstances, it is possible there may be some delay for the points to appear and be available for redemption.

Points must be redeemed and converted into a Casey's Cash, a fuel discount, or a school donation through Cash for Classrooms.

After you redeem your points, the rewards balance will appear in your account until they are used or they expire (all rewards must be used within 30 days of redemption, or those applicable discounts expire and can no longer be used).

Points that you have earned will not expire or be lost/forfeited unless:

  • They are redeemed and the applicable time for non-use/expiration has passed;
  • You have no Casey's Rewards activity for one year, in which case all of your points, redemptions and balances will expire;
  • Your Casey's account is cancelled or terminated, in which case all of your points, redemptions and balances will expire (creating a new Casey's account or reactivating a prior account will not restore points/balances).

If you make a purchase with, or using, any loyalty, rewards or related program other than Casey's Rewards (except for fuel discounts - see above), no points will be earned for that purchase or transaction.

Points are only eligible to be earned to full dollars spent or full gallons purchased.

No. If you purchase fuel using your Casey's Rewards fuel discount, you do not earn points for the gallons that discount was applied to.

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