Casey's Rewards FAQ:
Inviting Friends

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Earn 100 bonus points each time one of your friends signs up and makes their first purchase! (They'll get 100 bonus points too. It's a win-win.)

Inviting Friends

Through the Casey's app, Casey's Rewards members can use their personal code to invite friends, family, or coworkers. The people you invite will then enter that invite code when creating their Casey's Rewards account.

You and your friend can each earn 100 bonus points.

After your friend signs up for Casey's Rewards with your code and makes their first purchase as a member, both of you will earn 100 bonus points.

You can share your personal invite code with as many people as you want. The more you share, the more you can earn.

Track all your points in the Points History section of your account.

Send your personal invite code to anyone who hasn't already joined Casey's Rewards. Your friends will enter your code when creating their account.

Bonus points are for new Casey's Rewards members only.

Access your personal invite code in the Casey's app. Tap on the Account section, then tap on Invite Friends. Your personal invite code will be displayed and you can copy your code to share with friends.

Your personal invite code is only available inside the Casey's app. Download the app today to get your code!

You can enter the invite code from your friend when you are creating your Casey's Rewards account in the Casey's app or on the Casey's website.

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